Bus Brussels to Paris - Buy affordable tickets (2024)

Bus Brussels to Paris - Buy affordable tickets (1)

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Bus stations and stops in Brussels

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Frequently asked questions

We offer several payment methods for purchasing your ticket from Brussels to Paris securely. You can choose among card payment, PayPal, Google Pay and many more. Once in the payment section, you will be able to see all the available options and pick your preferred one. If you are having difficulties with payment, check out our help page about payments. If you buy your bus ticket onboard or at a sales point you are also given the option to pay cash.
You can get from Brussels to Paris for as little as 11,99 €. Take advantage of our best deals on FlixBus tickets by traveling off-peak and during the week. You can buy your ticket from Brussels to Paris most easily on this website or in the app.
When traveling from Brussels to Paris, you can track your bus location on our Real-Time Bus Tracker. Just select the relevant bus stop and check the time of arrival. Find out where your bus is and check if there are delays on the route.
There are 14 bus stations in Paris; Paris (Bercy Seine), Paris (Château de Vincennes), Paris (Pont de Levallois), Paris (Pont de Sèvres), Paris (Porte de Saint Ouen) - Hotel F1, Paris (Saint-Denis University), Paris - Champigny-sur-Marne, Paris - Disneyland-Chessy Sud, Paris - Massy-Palaiseau, Paris - Orly Airport, Paris - Saint Germain en Laye, Paris - Torcy (Bus Station), Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (Roissypole Station), Paris La Défense (Terminal Jules Verne). You can find the location of the stations on the map on this page.
There are 4 bus stations in Brussels; Brussels Gare du Midi, Brussels Heysel (Baudouin Metro Station), Brussels South (Avenue Fonsny/Eurolines), Brussels-North train station. You can find the location of the stations on the map on this page.
The latest FlixBus ride from Brussels to Paris departs at 22:55.
The earliest FlixBus ride from Brussels to Paris departs at 00:45.
FlixBus buses traveling from Brussels to Paris offer extra legroom, private outlets, and restrooms. Most buses also provide free Wi-Fi.
With FlixBus, you can conveniently reach 410 destinations from Paris, including Brussels, London, Lyon.
Yes, weekend trip options are available from Brussels to Paris. Check out the route's schedule and chose the best option to suit your plans!
Yes, night trip options are available from Brussels to Paris. Check out the route's schedule and choose the best option to suit your plans!
Traveling by bus from Brussels to Paris is one of the most environmentally-friendly options available as it reduces traffic associated emissions, and passengers can offset their carbon emissions when they travel with FlixBus by clicking the CO₂ compensation box when booking their ticket.
Yes, all FlixBus buses from Brussels to Paris are equipped for passengers with reduced mobility. We strive to make our buses as comfortable and accessible as possible for people with disabilities and limited mobility. Service animals are allowed on board all FlixBus buses traveling from Brussels to Paris. The transportation of wheelchairs, foldable wheelchairs, walking aid and other assistive mobility devices is free of charge.
The price of a children's bus ticket from Brussels to Paris depends on the age of the child and the time of booking. Children under the age of 15 receive a discount on the regular adult fare. At the time of booking, we calculate the cheapest price for you from all available rates and discounts. If the discounted price is lower than the child fare, the selected passengers pay the same price. Please, make sure you check our child travel and seat policy. Strollers and foldable pushchairs (width + length + height = max 240 cm) can be transported in the luggage compartment of the bus free of charge.
Passengers traveling from Brussels to Paris can bring one checked luggage and one piece of hand luggage for free. If you want to carry additional or special luggage, you can check all the options available on this page.
You can bring your bike on FlixBus from Brussels to Paris subject to availability. You can find the prices for bikes here.
The bus route from Brussels to Paris covers 302 km. FlixBus can bring you from Brussels to Paris in 3 hours 40 minutes. The fastest bus on this connection has 1 stop(s).
No, you don't need to print your ticket if you purchased it online or via the app. Simply show the driver the QR code that you received via email or that is stored in the app and you're ready to travel from Brussels to Paris. It's that easy!

Looking for bus tickets from Brussels to Paris?

Look no further, we’ve got all the details you need to plan your bus trip!The journey Brussels to Paris takes as little as 3 hours 40 minutes and can cost as little as 11,99 €. The first bus leaves at 00:45 and the last bus leaves at 22:55.FlixBus runs 42 rides each day between Brussels and Paris and when travelling with FlixBus, you can expect free Wifi, power sockets and a guaranteed seat for your journey.

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Bus Brussels to Paris - Buy affordable tickets (2024)


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