Bypass All Shortlinks (2024)

1. Who am I and where am I from?

I am just a BloggerPemula aka Blogger newbie since 2009 because I like the Blogger platform from Google, and I am also a Father of Three Children, who comes from Indonesia, who works in the field of computer and laptop servicing, I am also a freelancer for a company from Singapore as network and communications technician and also a Cryptocurrency Trader.

2. Why did you Create a Bypass Script?

Starting from my job as a PC and laptop repairman, I often and like to download the latest full version software, but unfortunately to get the software, I have to go through several shortlink sites, some three times, some even five times, imagine what if there is a customer who hastily asks for software to be installed, just an example to make it clearer, to download 1 software, first I have to go through the Ouo site then the FcLc site then the Cut-Urls, ClkSh and Clicksfly sites, from here I have the idea, so that everything it can be automated, finally I found one of the scripts on greasyfork, unfortunately it only supports one site, This is where I started learning and making a bypass script in 2020 for myself, so that in 2021, I have an idea of how I can help everyone to more easily complete shortlink sites, I also understand the risk of being hated or loved, because I have experienced from the past, my intention was to Help but it was Misinterpreted or Misunderstood .

My script may not be much different from an ad blocker extension, I also don't like it if ads on my blog are blocked, but having an ad blocker really helps me avoid dangerous things when surfing or browsing the internet.

3. Does the Bypass Script Work for All Sites and Browsers?

Yes, My script Works for All Sites that need to be Bypassed, except those on the Exception list, such as All Sites Owned by Fly Inc and Rs Short. When I have time to write the bypass code, I will try my best to make it work on all sites and browsers that support the Violentmonkey and Tampermonkey extensions, it works well in the Firefox browser with the Violentmonkey extension, because I wrote the code with Violentmonkey, and firefox This is my favorite browser since 2009 .

My Bypass Script Supports more than Thousands of sites consisting of Shortlink and File Sharing Sites , because many Users asked for it via feedback, some also from private messages or from my group on Telegram. So if you want me to bypass any site, Please leave feedback with correct examples and clear explanations, Don't try to Spamming.

4. I'm a New Bypass Script User, what do I need to prepare to make it run smoothly?

Just use the Violentmonkey extension to install my script and uBlock Origin to Block Dangerous Sites and Annoying Advertisem*nts, with your own favorite browser, but I highly Recommend using the Firefox Browser .

5. This Script contains Antifeatures What does this mean?

To find out more about what Antifeatures are, Please Read this page, I started using this metadata after my script was reported by someone, because I use my blog to find out how many people use bypass scripts, currently I use my site called, So if you install my script from Greyfork, then you will automatically visit my blog , and if you install my script from OpenUserJS, then you will automatically visit my blog .

Just for your information, from the Statistics , more than 55 Thousand Bypass Script Users Daily and more than 500 users in the last 30 minutes, from all over the world.

6. How About and ?

These two are also my sites, currently I use and, which are very Useful for providing a Time Delay, you can change them in the Bypass settings menu Redirect Delay, the default setting is 5 seconds .

If you use Bypass Script to complete Shortlink from Faucets Site or similar, this is the main reason why your Account was Banned or you were Detected using Bypass Script, Because the shortlink which should have been completed within 30 or 20 seconds , can be completed in 5 seconds, so do it at Your own Risk, Don't blame me if you get Banned, Blame yourself for using Bypass Script.

Moreover, nowadays many people change the redirect function from true to false, it doesn't matter to me, the important thing is don't change my blog for your own interests. because I find many users who change my blog with their own blog, there are also those who just copy paste and then sell bypass my script, Please don't do that, if you really like Bypass Scripts.
That's why for the latest version, I rarely use my blog because many people complain about why I have to visit your blog.

7. Does the Bypass Script and All Your Sites Contain Malware or Malicious Code?

NO , My Script Code and All my sites are Clean from malicious code. I am sure that if my script or site was dangerous, it would have been deleted by the Admin and Moderators immediately. The Owner and Moderators are very Knowledgeable about Malicious Codes .

Thanks to Google Translator for Helping me Create this FAQ , and Thank you so much to All My Friends who have helped me, especially to JustOlaf aka Diego33 who often helps me, makes my script simpler and more elegant.

Bypass All Shortlinks (2024)


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