The Best Places For Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Lighthouse Map (2024)

Lighthouse is one of the most loot-dense maps in Escape from Tarkov. From the water treatment facility to the villages and chalets, there are plenty of valuable looting opportunities on this map. With the right pathing, you can easily make a lot of money with reasonably safe runs.

Lighthouse is also notable in the way that you are not constrained to a single playstyle; rather, you can bring almost any sort of loadout and find some success. That being said, there are many threats, and we will guide you in how to deal with them.

This Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse map article will show you the best locations for loot. Moreover, it will cover some strategies, what types of loot are there, and what threats to look out for.

1. The Chalets – A Good Balance Between Loot And Combat

Risk: Very High

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This place will be your bread and butter on this map; it is the best location on Lighthouse for a few reasons. There is just a lot of loot, and it is very diverse; you can find all kinds of good items.

This part of the Lighthouse map in Escape from Tarkov includes the Southern Chalet, Northern Chalet, and Resort, as well as the Tennis Court. All of which, if you manage to loot, can make you a ton of money in a single raid. We will discuss them in more detail shortly, but generally, you can’t go wrong with this place when it comes to making money.

The only downsides to this location are the players nearby; this is a highly contested area on this side of the map, and there are multiple PMC spawns near it. The other threat is the PMCs that spawn across to the beachside that will look to snipe. Unfortunately, at almost any point of the raid, this place will be contested.

Basically, be careful not to get caught looting this part of the Lighthouse map, especially at the tennis court.

Southern Chalet

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Starting with the southern chalet, in the backyard and in the little hut next to it, you will find mostly medicine, provisions, and ammunition.

Inside, on the first floor, in the pool, there is a quite common spawn of valuables such as bitcoins, military electronics, and jewelry. Be sure to check this always. On the second floor, there are mostly provisions. Yet, there are intel spawns in the theater and a bitcoin spawn on the nightstand, alongside two weapon boxes, a sports bag, and a med bag.

On the third floor, there are plenty of military electronics and jewelry spawns. There are also jackets, a med bag, and a sports bag. In the garage, there are also a few military electronics and jewelry spawns on the workbenches along the wall. Additionally, there is a military battery spawn in the garage as well as some building materials.

On the fourth floor, there is a valuable spawn, a weapon box, two provision spawns, and military electronics and jewelry spawns.

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The Tennis Court Region of the Tarkov Lighthouse Map

This part of Escape from Tarkov’s Lighthouse map is right next to the Southern Chalet, and it has some decent loot of its own to be looted quickly.

In the tent, there is a spawn for an M4A1, a weapon box, intel on the table, two ammo boxes, weapon mods, and a spawn for valuables. Outside of the tent, there are spawns for weapon mods, ammo boxes, instruments, a toolbox, a spawn for medical items, and a spawn for military batteries.

You can also find a weapon box and two provision spawns in the shed.

The Northern Chalet – Resort

Similar to the Southern Chalet, this place also has a lot of diverse loot. On the first floor, there are three weapon boxes, a grenade box, weapons, weapon mods, ammo boxes, and plenty of provision spawns. There is also a chance for a weapon to spawn on the couch, making this place really good for weapons-related loot.

Outside the Chalet, there are some provisions, medicines, a fuel spawn, and a rare loot spawn if you’re lucky.

The second floor has a bit less loot. Yet, there are some electronics, a sports bag, a jacket, household goods, and a military battery spawn point.

Right next to the shack, there is a cottage with a garage that contains electronics, DIY loot, and instruments. You will also find provisions, a weapon box, a med case, two jackets, a valuables spawn, and a sports bag.

2. The Water Treatment Plant

Risk: Very High

The Best Places For Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Lighthouse Map (3)

Some of you were probably expecting this to be the number one location, and to be honest, this place has such extreme loot potential that it is arguably one of the best loot locations in the entire game, not just on this map.

So why is it number two? To be honest, the danger here is absolutely immense, especially if you are new to the game. It is definitely fun and a challenge, but this guide is more aimed at providing consistency and getting loot safely.

In this Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse map location, there are around 28 weapon boxes alone, not counting any other type of loot. Additionally, there are valuables, tech crates, intelligence spawns, meds, electronics; you name it – anything you need is practically there.

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The Danger in Coming to this Lighthouse Map Location

That is without even talking about the Rogues which are the USEC equivalent of Raiders. They are AI that will shoot scavs and BEARs on sight; and if you shoot a Rogue as a USEC, they will be hostile towards you for a few raids.

Now, the danger is that these guys can be absolutely broken. There are plenty of strategies for farming Rogues online, and we may have even put this place as number one.

Yet, the recent changes to their AI make them really strong and somewhat tough to deal with. They will shoot at you even if you are as far away as the villages.

If you manage to kill and loot a few of them, these guys can spawn with incredible loot, ranging from rare armor and weapons to rare ammo. They can literally spawn with the best armor from the S tier list of armor and helmets in the game.

There are also plenty of mines around this facility. Moreover, the recently-added claymores on the rocks add to the danger factor. Mix that with players and player scavs, and you have some of the most chaotic places in Escape from Tarkov. If you’re looking for a high-risk, high-reward experience, this is definitely one of the best places to go on Escape from Tarkov’s Lighthouse map.

3. Villages

Risk: Medium

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The Village

The Village is an excellent place situated between the chalets and the water treatment plant. Surprisingly, this part of Escape from Tarkov’s Lighthouse map has good loot and easily fills your backpack with the entirety of the Village’s loot. This loot typically consists of provisions, as well as DIY items such as electronics, building materials, and tools.

Which is a great thing to do early on, or if you are just passing by. While it may not be as fancy as the previous locations in this guide, it doesn’t have to be; the loot here is enough for you to make money.

Coupling that with the “path to shoreline” extraction being right next to the Village, you can loot and exit quickly. Be careful, though, as players sometimes pass through here, especially early in the game.

So, being close to the extraction can be a blessing and a curse; just watch out for players trying to do the same thing as you. Plus, “Path to Shoreline” is the most commonly used extraction on this map.

Swamp Village

The Best Places For Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Lighthouse Map (5)

The Swamp Village is right next to the village and it is worth mentioning. It consists of a few houses containing mostly provisions, building materials, electronics, and valuables. There isn’t much else to this part of the Lighthouse map other than the fact that you can loot it if you are nearby or the Village has already been looted.

4. Train Yard – The Most Underrated Location on Escape from Tarkov’s Lighthouse Map

Risk: Low

The Best Places For Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Lighthouse Map (6)

The Train Yard is the last entry on our Lighthouse map guide, but make no mistake: just because there are not as many valuable spawns does not mean it is a bad location. The loot density, just like in other locations on Escape from Tarkov’s Lighthouse map, is insane.

The type of loot you will find mostly consists of your tools, electronics, building materials, fuel, fuel conditioners, and such. In the laboratory, there are plenty of medical and stim spawns. Around the train yard, you will find weapon and ammo boxes, toolboxes, and a few valuable items.

This place is a great early-game hideout spot for items. A good strategy is to go for the loot here on your Scav runs. A great thing about this place is that not many people go here, as it is on the edge of the map and does not have fancy loot like the Chalets or Water Treatment Plant.

Watch out for the Rogues; if they are alive, they can sometimes shoot you from far away.

Honorable Mention – The Lighthouse Itself

The Best Places For Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Lighthouse Map (7)

The Lighthouse itself has some pretty good loot, but the reason it is an honorable mention is that it can only be accessed by completing a late-game quest in Escape from Tarkov. If you are at this point, you likely do not need additional loot, as you will have access to most things in the game.

Besides, entering and exiting can be kind of tricky even when the quest is done, as someone could just camp at the bridge. We just thought to mention it here.

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The Best Money-Making Strategy on the Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map

The best strategy is to use the plentiful loot in any of those locations and extract at the “mountain pass” extraction point. Especially after you are done looting the chalets, you can extract here within minutes, as it is really close.

You will need a Red Rebel and a Paracord, so it is a bit situational; however, if you plan on playing Lighthouse a lot, this strategy will help you survive more raids. The issues you can run into while extracting somewhere else, such as extract camping and running into people in general, are almost completely negated.

The only problem is that the Red Rebel costs about 4 million rubles on the flea market, but it will pay for itself after you survive raids, so we definitely recommend it.

Final Thoughts on How to Get the Best Loot on Escape from Tarkov’s Lighthouse Map

Anywhere you go on Tarkov’s Lighthouse map, you can find really good loot. That is why Scav runs are so popular here. Even after nerfs to the loot, it is still really good. It might not be the easiest map, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding, and putting in the effort to learn it pays off.

We hope you enjoyed this map guide. Feel free to check out our companion, ranked list of the best maps in Escape from Tarkov to earn great loot. For now, have fun, and good luck with your raids!

The Best Places For Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Lighthouse Map (2024)


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