The Deming Headlight from Deming, New Mexico (2024)

2 DEMING HEADLIGHT TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2002 COMMUNITY WEATHER WEDNESDAY THURSDAY Forecast Forecast Mostly sunny Mostly clear. and windy. High: mid-80s Low: high-50s High: mid-80s Low: low-50s DEMING READINGS TUESDAY 91 Low 52 COMMUNITY CALENDAR Tuesday Alcoholics Anonymous meetings daily. Call 546-4066 anytime for locations and times. 6:30 a.m.: Optimist Club, Grand Motor Inn.

9 a.m.: Mimbres Valley Tennis Association community tennis, DHS tennis courts Noon: Sunrise Lions, Rio Mimbres Country Club 5:30 p.m.: Crossroads BMX Track at Poplar and Santa Monica. BMX practice. 0. p.m.: Mimbres Valley Tennis Association community tennis, DHS tennis courts 7 p.m.: Good Times Square Dance Club, Lion's Den, 108 N. Platinum 7:30 p.m.: Deming Lions Club, Rio Mimbres Country Club p.m.: Deming Park Commission, Municipal Building Wednesday Alcoholics, Anonymous meetings daily.

Call 546-4066 anytime for locations and times. Noon: Kiwanis Club, K-Bob's Noon Lions, Lions' Pride, 108 N. Platinum 12:30 p.m.: Duplicate Bridge, Rio Mimbres, Country Club 3 p.m.: TOPS 164, Deming, Ninth Street Church of Christ 6:30 p.m.: TOPS evening group, Seventh Day Adventist Church. p.m.: Deming Senior Citizens Center a Bingo Night, 800 S. Granite OBITUARIES Francis D.

Shiflett FRANCIS D. SHIFLETT, longtime area resident and died Sunday April 28, Memorial Medical Center Cruces. Visitation will be evening May 1, 2002 from pm at Baca's Funeral Chapel. funeral service will Thursday 2, 2002 at 10 O'Clock in the ing at the First Baptist Church Dr. Billy Weckel, Pastor, ing.

Concluding services and ment will follow at Mountain Cemetery. Mr. Shiflett was born 1929 in Fletcher, Oklahoma K. and Jewell Preston Shiflett. He married Nelda F.

LAW Sheriff's Department The following information was obtained from the Luna County Sheriff's Office. Larceny Two Remington shotguns, valued at $250 each, and a VCR and DVD player were stolen from a residence in the 3900 block of Monte Vista Rd. SW. No value was listed for the VCR and or DVD. License Ricardo A.

Flores, 39, of Deming, was arrested for driving with a suspended or revoked license. Warrant Deanna Bennett, 31, of Deming, was arrested on a Deming Municipal Court warrant for failure to pay fines. Citations Four citations were issued for alcohol violations involving underage drinking. Citations were issued to a 20-year-old Deming man a 15-year-old Columbus boy, a 16-year-old Columbus boy and a 20 year old Deming man. Detention Center The following information was obtained from the Luna County Detention Center.

Police Department The following information was obtained from the Table tennis program on the move The Deming Table Tennis sponsored by Stiga, has received Stiga, Escalade Sports and Palace, a tournament quality together with several paddles to aid in enhancing an already table tennis program in Deming. Stiga is the premier manufacturer supplier of quality table tennis ment and supplies around the Stiga has made several thousand worth of equipment available U.S. club that qualifies through Palace, the largest U.S. retailer tennis equipment. Deming TTC and has been awarded equipment at $1,030.

OBITUARY Avis M. Boss Rio AVIS M. BOSS, 78, Deming Tennis resident passed away Sunday April tennis, 28, 2002 at The Helstrom House Residential Living Center. Luke's Cremation will take place and a Spruce. No.

memorial service will be held at a later date in Superior, Wisconsin. Mrs. Boss was born November 23, 1923 in Superior, Wisconsin to meet- Runo and Henretta Carlson. She anytime married Eugene S. Boss May 16, 1947 in Superior has been a resiLegion dent of Deming for 16 years.

Avis is survived by her husband Eugene S. Boss of Deming; daughter, Marion Rydberg of La Superior; 2 sisters, Eleanor Schiller of California and Doris, Persons Carlson; 3 grandsons a and 4 Inn, greatgrandchildren; several nieces and Order of nephews. She was preceded in 108 N. death by her daughter Margaret Club Dietrich, her grandson Shawn Dietrich and her sister, Virginia. Narcotics Entrusted to the care of Baca's United S.

Funeral Chapels of Deming, 811 S. Gold Avenue. 1950 in Lorenzo, was a member of Church in Deming many years as a many hearts in and will be deeply friends and fami- meetanytime Alcoholics Anonymous ings daily. Call 546-4066 for locations and times. 9 a.m.: Mimbres Valley Association community DHS tennis courts Noon: Rotary Club, Mimbres Country Club 6 p.m.: Mimbres Valley Association community DHS tennis courts 7 p.m.: Al Anon, St.

Episcopal Church, 419 W. 7:30 p.m.: LULAC Council 205, LULAC Hall, 312 S. 11th Friday Thursday Alcoholics Anonymous ings daily. Call 546-4066 for locations and times. 7:30 p.m.: American Post 1916, Columbus, games Saturday 8 a.m.: Coaches Corner, Fonda, Dutch treat 8:30 a.m.: Widowed Service breakfast, Holiday second Saturday 6:45 p.m.: Fraternal Police Lodge Platinum 7 p.m.: Deming Shrine dinner 8 p.m.: Anonymous, at First Methodist Church, 1020 Granite.

December 30, Texas. Francis 72, the First Baptist farmer where he served at Deacon. Las Francis touched the community missed by all his to 9 ly. The Mr. Shiflett is May wife Nelda of morn- Dale Shiflett and with Gary Shiflett and officiat- all of Deming; 2 Song and her inter- Howard of View Johnson and her Las Cruces; 4 2, of Cyril, OK, Lee Lawton, OK, Apalachin, NY Brisco Courtwright of Deming Police Department.

Drunkenness Caldwell, 22, of Deming, arrested for drunkenness disorderly conduct. DWI Juan Madrid, of Deming, was arrested driving under the reckless driving with driving without license failure to make immediate notification of an accident. Trespassing Soto, 35, of Deming, arrested for trespassing. Battery Richie 26, of Deming, was for battery on a member and on a Dona County warrant for failure pay fines. Citations Juvenile tions were issued to grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers suggest memorials Baptist Children's 629, Portales, NM 88130. Entrusted to the care Funeral Chapels of Gold Avenue. James Stephan Memorial Service for (Jim) Stephan will United Methodist Wednesday, at 1 p.m. David Okerberg officiating. Cecil Olin Boswell Cecil Olin Boswell, Cruces, formerly of Wednesday, April year-old Deming boy and 13-year-old Deming boy for Sabian public affray.

was and Citation A juvenile citation was issued to a 14- year-old Deming boy for bat20 tery. for influence, Release A 17-year-old liquor, Deming boy was arrested for and violation of conditions release. Alcohol A 17-year-old Gene Deming boy was arrested was allowing himself to be served alcohol. Beltran, Citation Ruben M. arrested Veloz, 40, of Deming was household arrested for refusing to sign Ana citation issued for failure to obey a stop sign.

Theft A pit bull valued cita- at $200 was stolen from the a 12- 300 block of South Shelby survived by his the home; 2 sons, his wife Janice, his wife Sandy daughters, Terry husband John Columbia, Vicki husband Kit of sisters, Oleta Woods Betty Barnett of Jarvis Edson of and Dolores TX and 11 on Ward, Forest Flowers There's no mother like your mother. Send her the very best from Forest Flowers Off with does not apply to in-house accounts. 1 Coupon per order. Large selection of Angels Pixies, Everlasting Butterfly Gardens, Fresh Cut Flowers, Green Blooming Plants Many More Items To Choose From. Order Early! 800 S.

Gold 546-2626 Club, A spokesperson for the club stated The state games will be held August from that receipt of this equipment now gives 7 11 in Las Cruces, and will determine Paddle us 3 Stiga tournament quality tables and New Mexico's participants in the 2003 table, one beginner table, allowing us to National Senior Games to be held in and balls accommodate more table tennis players Hampton Roads, Virginia. viable who are enthusiastic about playing, get- The club meets at the First United ting back into, or learning the game. Methodist Church gymnasium at 1020 and Around the world, table tennis is the S. Granite on Wednesdays, beginning at equip- most popular racquet sport and is an 4:30 p.m. and Sundays at 6:30 p.m.

The world. exciting Olympic sport. Club has a USA Table Tennis certified dollars On May 15 the Club and the Mimbres coach for instruction. Please call 544- to each Memorial Senior Circle will be conduct- 0123 for more information. Paddle ing a qualifying table tennis meet for the Come meet us, have some fun and of table Luna County Senior Olympics.

learn about some interesting new rule applied These are games eligible for age 50 and equipment changes. The first 5 valued and over and are broken into 5-year age players to sign up for the club will be groups. awarded paddles. Border Patrol seize ton of marijuana Tennis tennis, BY KEVIN BUEY HEADLIGHT STAFF The women, one a Deming resi- United States Border Patrol agents arrested two women last Friday morning in a drug bust totaling nearly a ton. The women, one a Deming resident, were each charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, Agents seized 1,961 pounds in the 7 a.m.

arrests. Booked at Luna County Detention Center was Sherrie Lynn Denardi, 32, 1414 W. Ash St. She was transferred to federal custody, arraigned in Las Cruces and returned to Luna County, Monday, as a U.S. Marshals Service prisoner.

Nancy Lorena MartinezAlvarez, 26, of Palomas, the family be made to Home, Drawer of Baca's Deming, 811 S. James H. be at First Church, on with the Rev. 95, of Las Hurley, died 24, 2002 at dent, were each charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, Mexico, was also arraigned partially visible in the in Las Cruces and booked truck's bed and Denardi Monday in Luna County admitted carrying marijuaDetention Center as a U.S. na.

Agents recovered 49 Marshals Service prisoner. bundles, with a total weight Agents said the women of 1,134 pounds. crossed the international Martinez-Alvarez was border about 30 miles west stopped in a parking lot in of Santa Teresa, Denardi Columbus. driving a Ford pickup, Agents said they recovMartinez-Alvarez a ered 31 bundles from Chevrolet pickup. beneath a bed cover and in Agents noticed the vehi- the truck's cab.

That load cles riding low to the weighed 827 pounds. The ground and followed them Border Patrol said a on State Road 9, toward records check revealed Columbus. A traffic stop Martinez-Alvarez has a was made on Denardi's 2000 conviction for posgray Ford. Agents said session of marijuana, with numerous bundles were intent to distribute. Aspen House in Las Cruces, NM.

Graveside funeral services were at 10 a.m. Monday, April 29, 2002 at Memory Lane Cemetery. Boswell was born November 6, 1906 in Kisse Mills, MO. He was the son of Royal Grant Boswell and Lucy Ellen Boswell. Boswell is survived by his daughter Mary Clifton and her husband Don; son Boswell; daughter Rita Morock and her husband David, all of Las Cruces; son Jerry Boswell and his companion Debaura James of Silver City; six grandchildren; three great grandchildren and one great great grandchild.

As a nine-year-old boy, he remembered seeing the smoke from the Pancho Villa raid on Columbus, NM in 1916 from atop the fire escape at the old Deming High a Street. arrested on a federal warrant issued in Bernalillo County Interference Yvonne for trafficking in controlled Hernandez, 19, was arrested substances, to wit, marijuana; for interference with officers. and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident State Police involving death. The following information D.WI Beatriz Pendo, was obtained from the New 45, of Deming, was arrested Mexico State Police. for driving under the influo ence.


As a youngster he would sell newspapers to the soldiers who lived in the encampments near Deming during World War I. Shortly after graduation from Deming High School in 1926, he obtained employment with the Nevada Copper Company (later to become Kennecott Copper Corp.) in Hurley, NM. While stationed at Kirtland Airfield in Albuquerque, NM, he met Bonita Mary Barror from Belen, NM and they were married in Albuquerque in 1942. Pallbearers were Kirk Clifton, Casey Nowlin, Robert Boswell, Howie Miller, Gerald Trujillo and Stan Wilson. Bright Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

was closed from Deming to the Arizona border at 4:48 p.m., Friday, April 26. Closure was later extended to Las Cruces. The highway reopened at 12:08 a.m., Saturday. for a to. Call the DEMING HEADLIGHT for all your advertising needs! at Cyber Mesa $18.95 Per Month No Limits, Full Access No Sign up Nationwide Check out 546-7210 BENNETT FOR SHERIFF Paid for by candidate.

The Deming Headlight from Deming, New Mexico (2024)


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