What's the next big kitchen cabinet color? Designers predict that this earthy take on neutrals will be huge in 2024 (2024)

At the beginning of the new year, we can begin to predict which design trends are most likely to lead in the coming months. From furniture trends to color trends, design experts offer their projections based on what's beginning to emerge and is looking likely to continue. Here, we're focusing on kitchen trends, specifically kitchen cabinet color trends that will dominate in 2024.

We asked interior designers and color experts to weigh in with their predictions. While inevitably, various on-trend shades will be embraced for kitchen cabinets this year, there is one color trend that stands out more than most: decorating with neutrals. With a particular focus on earthy neutrals, designers are loving this natural and organic look for kitchen cabinets in 2024. Keep reading to learn more about this laid-back color trend and how to channel the look.

Why are earthy neutrals on trend for 2024?

What's the next big kitchen cabinet color? Designers predict that this earthy take on neutrals will be huge in 2024 (1)

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In 2023, we saw the rise of playful trends such as dopamine decor and maximalist decor take center stage. These trends are all about embracing personality-led decor that typically experiments with bold colors. But at the start of 2024, we're seeing favor once again for pared-back schemes. While typical minimalist interiors run the risk of looking stark and lifeless, pared-back kitchen cabinets in 2024 are all about warm minimalism; earth-toned shades that promote a calming and nature-inspired look.

'In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in interior design towards embracing earthy tones and nuanced variations of traditional colors,' says interior designer Jennifer Davis. 'This trend has transcended into kitchen aesthetics, where homeowners and designers are exploring more earth-inspired renditions of classic hues, offering a fresh perspective on timeless choices.'

What's the next big kitchen cabinet color? Designers predict that this earthy take on neutrals will be huge in 2024 (2)

Jennifer fell in love with design at a young age and has been working in the industry for over 25 years. She has developed an eye for detail and a talent for creating timeless designs. Jennifer offers a balance of creativity and forward-thinking with a structured, organized, and detailed mentality.Jennifer is driven by her deep passion for design while curating an exceptional client journey, ensuring pure delight from the very beginning to the end.

These organic neutrals typically reflect sandy beige tones, but can also include darker brown tones, a standout color trend for 2024. Interior designer Olivia Wahler, co-founder of Hearth Homes Interiors explains: 'We are anticipating lots of decorating with brown in kitchens in 2024, specifically light beige and warm mushroomy hues. Darker wood stains are making a real comeback as well, which we love.' These shades are recognized for creating a warm feel that helps create a cozy kitchen, yet their earthy tones ensure they feel design-led and timeless.

But it's not just beige and brown tones we'll see embraced for kitchen cabinets this year. For another interpretation of this trend, Farrow & Ball Color Curator Joa Studholme suggests opting for clay tones: 'Without doubt, we are all embracing warmer colors in the kitchen so will turn to the stronger clay tones for cabinets.' Clay tones, such as Farrow & Balls' Jitney are perfect for creating a calming space, and they also tend to feel more contemporary than beige.

What's the next big kitchen cabinet color? Designers predict that this earthy take on neutrals will be huge in 2024 (3)

Joa Studholme

As Farrow & Ball's Color Curator and author of titles includingRecipes for DecoratingandHow to Decorate, it’s no surprise that Joa Studholme knows Farrow & Ball's palette and finishes inside and out. Joa has been with the brand or over 25 years – in that time, she’s developed color ranges and consulted on design projects all over the world, as well as helping countless color consultancy customers to transform their homes.

What's the next big kitchen cabinet color? Designers predict that this earthy take on neutrals will be huge in 2024 (4)

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While earthy neutrals stand out as a key kitchen cabinet color trend for this year, designers also point out that these colors will always be a classic choice, giving their appeal longevity. Decorating a kitchen can be costly, and choosing highly trend-driven colorful shades isn't as likely to stand the test of time. By contrast, opting for pared-back neutrals will always look timeless. Ellen Holt, lead designer at MDI Luxury Design weighs in:

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'With so many different trends coming and going, it makes it difficult to choose what color to paint our kitchens. I say keep it simple and neutral in 2024. You want something creamy and dreamy to remind you of home. My go-to is Benjamin Moore’s Grandma’s China, or if you want something with more grayish undertones, Benjamin Moore’s Nimbus.'

How to channel earthy neutrals on kitchen cabinets

What's the next big kitchen cabinet color? Designers predict that this earthy take on neutrals will be huge in 2024 (5)

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Choosing the right earthy neutral paint idea for your kitchen cabinets all depends on your preferences. The consensus from designers is that all types of earthy neutrals, such as beige, brown, and clay tones work well in achieving an on-trend and pared-back scheme – just be sure to avoid stark white and harsh black.

Designers also suggest that these popular neutrals generally pair well with a wide range of design styles, from farmhouse kitchens to modern kitchens, making them easy to integrate into your existing kitchen decor.

'While black has long been a staple in kitchen design, its harshness can sometimes dominate a space, creating a cold or overly modern atmosphere,' observes Jennifer. 'Urbane Bronze by Sherwin-Williams however, brings a warmer and earthier essence, offering a softer alternative that retains sophistication while infusing a sense of warmth into the kitchen. Its deep, muted tones allow for versatility in complementing various design elements, from kitchen countertops to hardware.'

'Similarly, the shift from stark whites to greige paints shades like Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter represents a departure towards a more lived-in and welcoming atmosphere. These muted and earth-inspired tones create a serene ambiance that seamlessly integrates with various design elements, allowing for a versatile canvas that pairs elegantly with natural materials such as wood or stone. The beauty of greige hues lies in their adaptability across different design styles, effortlessly blending modern chic with timeless comfort,' says Jennifer.

Once you've decided on your favorite earth-toned neutral for your kitchen cabinets, choose to incorporate metal accents to ensure a contemporary finish, otherwise known as the organic modern trend. Interior designer Soledad Alzaga explains: 'This year we are going to see more natural colors mixed with metals. Natural woods, beige, brown, and ochre mixed with brass and silver metals. The balance between a grounded organic feel and a touch of contemporary luxury offers a refined yet approachable aesthetic for home kitchens.'

What's the next big kitchen cabinet color? Designers predict that this earthy take on neutrals will be huge in 2024 (6)

Soledad Alzaga

San Francisco-based Interior designer Soledad Alzaga has worked on designs projects in San Francisco, Sonoma, Atherton, New York, Martha's Vineyard, Los Angeles, Mexico and Argentina.

It's clear that earthy neutrals are going to be big in 2024. Not only do these colors look stylish, but they're also practical and generally seen as a good investment since they're more or less always in style.

If you're feeling inspired to refresh your kitchen at the start of the new year – whether that's with neutral kitchen cabinets or not – we've rounded up ways to update a kitchen without buying anything new, providing you with some cost-effective ideas.

What's the next big kitchen cabinet color? Designers predict that this earthy take on neutrals will be huge in 2024 (2024)


What's the next big kitchen cabinet color? Designers predict that this earthy take on neutrals will be huge in 2024? ›

As mentioned earlier, terracotta, olive green, and burnt orange are all earthy tones that exude warmth and make your kitchen cozy. Muted blues, deep greens, warm grays, and browns will also likely be popular in 2024. These colors can add depth and richness, making your kitchen appear inviting and warm.

What is the color trend in kitchen cabinets in 2024? ›

In 2024, we predict kitchen cabinet door trends will lean towards the darker side. Whether it's dark blue, green, or a dark stained natural wood. These colors have a more traditional or vintage aesthetic and have a more inviting presence.

What is the designer color for 2024? ›

"Blue is timeless and never really goes out of style but will be especially popular since Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Valspar all named different shades of blue as their 2024 color," says Molly Torres Portnof of DATE Interiors. "I love how blue rooms are both serene and energized."

What is the kitchen hardware trend in 2024? ›

'This year's kitchen hardware trend is all about embracing handcrafted pieces like hammered and brushed finishes on knobs and pulls,' explains interior designer Soledad Alzaga. 'These textures add a customized touch to any kitchen.

Which color is best in 2024? ›

The Colour Trends of 2024 You Need to Know
  • Peach Fuzz: Warm and Elegant.
  • Porcelain White: Crisp and Timeless.
  • Deep Red: Bold and Confident.
  • Sky Blue: Serene and Flattering.
  • Chocolate Brown: Poised and Debonair.
  • Notable Mentions.
Feb 29, 2024

Are wood cabinets coming back in 2024? ›

Stained wood cabinet doors are a timeless trend in kitchen design for 2024, offering a classic and elegant option that never goes out of style. Make your kitchen uniquely yours with personalized cabinet designs that reflect your style and preferences.

Are white kitchen cabinets in 2024? ›

The white kitchen has cemented its place as a timeless classic, and in 2024, its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Renowned for its clean, crisp aesthetic and versatile appeal, the white kitchen remains a top choice for homeowners looking to create a space that is both stylish and classic.

What color is replacing gray in 2024? ›

However, this versatile and surprisingly elegant hue has made a comeback in color trends and is now replacing gray as the go-to neutral. Here, designers, decorators, and color experts reveal why beige is replacing gray for 2024, and how to decorate with beige for a beautiful scheme every time.

What is the color trend for summer 2024? ›

Exciting and unexpected color stories may be unfolding in Spring / Summer 2024. Soft, muted greys, poppy primaries, and even metallics make for unconventional spring offerings.

What is the color trend in 2025? ›

The 2025 color palettes feature similar shades like deep green, earthy orange, gold, purple, and light blue, which can be paired with classic neutral shades like gray, brown, and dark blue. What is this? The NYFW Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 colors embrace a rich, earthy vibe that celebrates our bond with nature.

What is going out of style for kitchens? ›

Insider asked four interior designers to share which kitchen trends went out of style in 2023. They say modern-farmhouse looks, open floor plans, and industrial designs are becoming outdated. The designers also say DIY-painted cabinetry typically makes kitchens seem unprofessional.

What is the trend in door knobs in 2024? ›

Bronze hardware, known for its enduring elegance and inviting warmth, is becoming a sought-after choice for contemporary spaces. This trend marks a revival of the rich, earthy tones of bronze in door hardware, marrying traditional allure with modern design sensibilities.

Is black hardware out of style in 2024? ›

In 2024, kitchen designs are trending along two diverging pathways—modern and traditional. To meet these trends, cabinet hardware finishes like matte black and satin nickel are commonly found in modern kitchen aesthetics.

Is beige in for 2024? ›

PPG Paints recently announced Limitless, a warm honey beige hue, as its pick for the 2024 Color of the Year.

Are blue cabinets in style in 2024? ›

While navy has been a primary focus, for 2024 blues won't be as dark. This shift reflects on a desire for moderation, balance, and unintrusive energy within their home. However, one thing is for sure…. blue in the kitchen is here to stay.

Are two tone kitchens in style in 2024? ›

Two tone kitchen cabinets continue to be a timeless trend, serving as captivating focal points that enhance the allure of any kitchen, regardless of its aesthetic or style.

What color is timeless for kitchen cabinets? ›

Bright white, classic grey, natural wood, and navy blue are timeless kitchen cabinet colors. Consider the existing architecture of your home to select a timeless color and combine modern hardware with traditional elements for balance.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color right now? ›

Bright white, off-white, soft white and cream will always be a popular choice for kitchen cabinets of every style, from ultra-modern to country cottages. The beauty of these laid-back neutrals is that they can be given a bespoke look with different worktop materials, brassware and wall colors.


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