NBA 2K23: Best Power Forward Build (2024)

When the league talks about "big men," they're usually talking about centers. But that definition has expanded as centers have moved to power forward over the past few years (i.e. Anthony Davis and Karl Anthony-Towns). With the right build in NBA 2K23, players can be a big man that isn't yet another center.

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This build is excellent, but preference and team composition must also be considered. No player is going to have success with a build that doesn't feel right in NBA 2K23. Feel free to take this guide and adjust it based on these factors or throw it out entirely if wanting to go at a different angle.

Body Settings

NBA 2K23: Best Power Forward Build (1)




263 pounds

Wing Span


When fans think of the best shooters, they think of the three-point specialists who can pin it down from deep. In the game, they probably think of some of the incredible shooting badges and see who has those. But what about post scorers?

Post scoring is entirely placed into the finishing tree this year, so it's understandable to forget about it. This build is a scoring machine from the post that can also completely erase any opposing power forward they're matched up against.

Attribute Potential

NBA 2K23: Best Power Forward Build (2)

Close Shot


Driving Layup


Driving Dunk


Standing Dunk


Post Control


Mid-Range Shot


Three-Point Shot


Free Throw


Pass Accuracy


Ball Handle


Speed With Ball


Interior Defense


Perimeter Defense






Offensive Rebound


Defensive Rebound












Shockingly, three-point shooting is the only real sacrifice this build has to make. The speed isn't remarkable, this is the tallest and longest a power forward can be after all, but it's still fast enough to stay in front of the smaller power forwards. It even gives access to some of the best playmaking badges for a post player out there.

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Although the block rating is at a minimum, block only goes for blocking shots straight up. When it comes to making opponents miss, that's determined by interior defense, which is at the maximum. Finally, note that all stats relevant to post shooting are sitting at a 99 maximum as well.



Backdown Punisher (Hall of Fame), Dream Shake (Hall of Fame), Dropstepper (Hall of Fame), Post Spin Technician (Hall of Fame)


Middy Magician (Bronze), Volume Shooter (Bronze)


Post Playmaker (Gold), Unpluckable (Gold), Vice Grip (Gold)


Brick Wall (Hall of Fame), Post Lockdown (Hall of Fame)

Starting with the highlight of this build, all four badges relevant to finishing in the post are all at the Hall of Fame level. These are some of the most elite finishing badges in general. For this build that already has 99 attributes to the important categories, it makes this kind of scoring nearly impossible to stop unless the opponent also has perfect scores and badges.

That brings the focus over to defense and, yes, this build actually can stop a clone of itself on offense with a perfect 99 in the interior defense and two relevant Hall of Fame badges. With Brick Wall, players can force a starter out of the game within a few minutes by fully depleting their stamina. It's also downright abuse in multiplayer for draining stamina and setting screens.

The playmaking is important here as well. Although the badges aren't Hall of Fame, they truly don't have to be. If the on-ball player tries to swipe the ball, roll around them. If somebody else comes in to do the same, simply pass to the open man and watch as Post Playmaker gives this build huge assist potential when it isn't scoring.


NBA 2K23: Best Power Forward Build (4)

Primary Takeover

Post Scorer

Secondary Takeover

Rim Protector

There isn't much of a choice here for this build. Take Post Scorer first and foremost as it is the only way to score against a player who has this identical build. Any other build and Post Scorer will make it so that gamers score with ease.

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Next, Rim Protector is going to be big for other power forwards who like to score. Messing up shots in the paint is expected for any power forward, this just takes it to those elite levels. Mixed in with those top-tier defense/rebounding badges and opponents will be forced to pass when matched up against this build.

Best Team To Play For

NBA 2K23: Best Power Forward Build (5)

There are a few teams that contend for the title of the best team to play power forward for. When choosing a team, try to find one where the starting player at the power forward position is ranked at a sub-80 while the rest of the team is solid, mostly 80s or 90s.

Power forwards are spoiled for choice this year, but the highest chance of success has to go to the Phoenix Suns, one of only two teams that have two 90+ players on the squad. A post player has Deandre Ayton under the rim and Mikal Bridges to help with finishing. The guards both excel at distance shooting and passing. All they need for an easy championship is a power forward who can adequately post up.

NBA 2K23 is available now for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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NBA 2K23: Best Power Forward Build (2024)


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